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This site was created on June 22, (by a 13 yr old so dont be weird!) and will forever be here until the internet decided to implode, and/or when we have a nuclear war. But this site is my passion project, a gyaru in wintercoat, hands together while saying something in japanese sign of my improvement, or idk disimprovement. idk! This site is a extension of myself, where i can express myself without judgement. And if you know me irk yeah i am a judgemental person to the people i hate but seriosuly i just want to be myself on this page :3!

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How life feels when there isnt a man yapping -5/16 5:13 pm asuka saying 'fax brother! spit your shit indeed!'

About the webmaster!

I am an asian american person and i love pink and stuff like that :3 i stay awake throughout the night so really if you contact me from 7am-12am EST Ill probabyl be able to answer you.. im also really chronically online so expect me to stalk your site every day!! dirty blonde gyaru laying on arms crying I like to talk sometimes and i really like floral scents. Im very girly but i dont identify as a girl so idrk!!!! anyways nevermind that, im glad you're here and i hope you enjouy looking around on my site!

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